Dubai-Beach Apartments

Memoirs suggest it was the 1960s that turned out to be a turning point in Dubai’s quest for wealth. They had an impressive growth rate by then due to the ongoing gold trade, which subsequently got aided because of the discovery of oil. Multinationals began converging at Dubai’s seashores with their assets and manpower in a huge fashion, and the sleeping town had suddenly become alive. One can measure the impact of that inflow of men and women from the fact that more than 70 percent of today’s population in Dubai is comprised of expatriates. The rush hasn’t stopped till this date and the queues for visas continue to spread out.

What leaves one disappointed though, is a lack of inexpensive accommodation that can leave you stranded in Dubai. Barring a few low-priced ones, most of the hotels in Dubai are very expensive. In addition, hotel bookings have to be made in advance, which keeping in mind their expenses can prove out to be a costly affair if the meetings had to be rescheduled or cancelled. This is where privately owned apartments, also called Dubai beach apartments, assume great significance for the visitors. They are found not only to be inexpensive, but also carrying with them extra space, added privacy and more facilities when compared against the hotel accommodation.

We at offer the highest quality Dubai Beach apartments rental on Daily, weekly and monthly basis. We offer hotel apartments rental in Dubai marina Hotel Apartment, Coral Boutique Hotel Apartment and Oasis Beach Tower Apartment.

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