Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches Attractions

At the Dubai seashore you are likely to find several added attractions like family picnic spots, eateries, playgrounds, areas for barbeque, skiing, surfing, etc. You will find that all these make the beach more sought after.

Most of the coastal areas in Dubai are lined with palm trees and hence impart a picturesque look to the scenario. You may be able to find green parks along these areas too. The shoreline is dotted with resorts and hotels that not only provide with luxuriously accommodations but also serve as landmarks.

The seaside is generally more crowded on weekends (Thursdays and Fridays in Dubai) and parking may be a problem. You can also easily avail of the taxis to reach the coastal area, as they are cheap and you can avoid parking hassles. offer the best value holidays to Dubai and the U.A.E. We can help tailor-make Dubai holiday packages in beach hotels.

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