Furnished Apartments in Dubai for Short Term Rent

The city of Dubai has been a major tourist and business destination for more than two decades. Rapid development has changed this once desert city into one of the most advanced metropolises of the world with buzzing business activity and plenty of tourist attractions. Most visitors to Dubai enjoy leisure that they cannot fancy even in their wildest dreams. You can frequent the night clubs, go on a desert safari, try the exclusive golf clubs, indulge in sports and visit the media cities and the stunning beaches.

Dubai is not only innovative in terms of business and tourist facilities- it also gives its visitors a totally unique opportunity to enjoy the good life for a short period of time. This is because Dubai property for short term rent is available to all those visitors who want to enjoy the luxuries of life while staying on a short term visit.

Fully serviced Dubai furnished apartments and Dubai hotel apartments are the best and most cost effective alternative for your short stays in the city. Like the major hotels of any city, the short term rental apartments are ideally located in Dubai’s prime locations like the Dubai Marina, Palm Islands and Jumeirah Beach. These can be rented on monthly, weekly or even on daily basis- depending upon the duration of your stay. The standard short term Dubai furnished apartment is fully maintained with seating arrangements, a fully functional kitchen and all the basic amenities. If you are ready to pay something extra then you can get an apartment with additional facilities like gym, swimming pool, indoor games etc. The size, location and degree of luxury provided all depends on the amount of money you want to spend. But one thing is certain, that short term rental property in Dubai is still far more cost effective than staying in a luxury hotel.

Let provide you with the most comprehensive range of Dubai vacation rental and Dubai short stays accommodation according to your demands and budget. If you are looking to make your short stay in Dubai really an unforgettable one, then contact us and make your dreams a reality.

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