Dubai Hotel Apartments

A hotel apartment is an ideal accommodation solution for both long and short stays in Dubai. Living in a hotel apartment in Dubai can prove to be a cheaper alternative to staying in any of the hotels in Dubai, but slightly more expensive than a standard apartment. Hotel apartments are furnished accommodations usually featuring all the basic amenities offered by mainstream hotels. This type of apartment, like usual apartments, varies in size, standard, and of course, price.

Dubai hotel apartments can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis depending upon the duration of your stay. Hotel apartments are dotted around Dubai and can be found in all areas of the city. One big advantage of this type of apartment is that despite lacking the lavishness of Dubai luxury hotels, it makes the guest feel more at home than even a 5-star hotel in Dubai. What’s more interesting is the fact that rental rates for hotel apartments are way cheaper than Dubai hotel rates, and the longer you stay the better you get the rates. Due to these multiple advantages, Dubai hotel apartments are very popular with people who are first timers to the city and are on the lookout for alternative accommodations, and also those who are working on short-term contracts in the city.

Standard hotel apartments in Dubai usually come fully furnished with all basic amenities which include furniture to a fully functional kitchen and cleaning service. Some of the top range hotel apartments are higher on luxury and comfort, featuring additional facilities such as a gym and swimming pool in the building. Naturally all basic factors like type, size, location and luxury affect the rates, but as compared to the hotels with the same specifications, hotel apartment proves to be a much cheaper accommodation solution. You can also reserve your stay at hotel apartments just like Dubai hotel reservations. The ease in booking and round-the-year availability are some of the reasons why hotel apartments are becoming increasingly popular. hotel apartments are a great way to begin your stay. Admire the skyline and Creek views or slide the shade closed for a sweet escape.

Hotel Apartments in Dubai
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