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The Dubai rent cap for 2009 was announced on 14 January 2009. The initial announcement headline was that rents would be frozen for 2009 if a new contract had been signed in 2008. Good news ? But wait … there was some small print to cover those rentals that were well below market rates. The way I look at it is there is a scale of varying rent caps depending on your 2008 rent, and the market rent for that area in Dubai and type of accommodation, as given in the Dubai rent index that was released shortly after the new Dubai rent cap law. Rent caps range from 0% to 20% for 2009, going up in steps of 5%. More information and a calculator here:

Dubai rent index – tables with area, number of bedrooms, type of ownership, and rent index guide for that area based on figures in the second half of 2008 (June to December). There will be a new rent index released after June 2009 for the first half year period of 2009.
Dubai rent cap calculator – enter lower and upper rent index figures for the same type of dwelling in the area you live, and your current rent, and get an indication of rent range you are likely to pay for 2009, according to the rent cap that applies.

Add any questions or comments about the rent cap and rent calculator here, especially if you think there’s an error in the calculations . Any other comments about the Dubai rent index or Dubai 2009 rent cap? Add them here too. Thanks .


1. Building year (Bldg materials were lower 10-11 years ago…)
2. Facilities (swimming pool, fitness/sport rooms, sauna, 24h-security, parking, aso…)
3. DEWA a) Central A/C contra b) Window A/C aso… (normally central A/C cost are included in rent, but the window A/C cost are not, which are paid by teenants, which also will make the actually rent cost/year much higher than in written contract!)
4. Other DEWA costs like water can also be included in rent, but in many cases not, not with Window A/C buildings in my understanding.
5. Maintenance of bldg (Quality of maintenance is a very big issue too!)

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