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Dubai Studio-Apartments

Be it a short business trip, a holiday visit, or a permanent stay, Dubai apartments are always the most preferred accommodation. Apartments in Dubai come in various types and sizes and cater to all tastes and needs. They range from studio apartments, serviced apartments, furnished apartments, to holiday and beach apartments, and hotel apartments. Dubai […]

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Dubai -Studio Apartments

Dubai Studio Apartment is one of the most popular rental accommodations available in Dubai emirates for the long-term or business travelers. This is a tailor-made section among various apartments at Dubai. This kind of Apartment offers leisure, luxury and comfort. Price is fixed per weeks/months. Dubai Studio Apartments are the specialty of Golden sand Area […]

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Dubai Studio Apartments

Properties in Dubai for accommodation can be divided into Dubai Apartments, Dubai Villas, Dubai Beach Apartments and Dubai Studio Apartments. These apartments can be bought or can be rented at very affordable prices fitting almost everyone’s budget which is also a great alternative to the expensive and overcrowded Hotels. Dubai Studio Apartment: Small one room […]

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